Cain F Lancero Take 2

I have to admit something.  Wednesday 8/17 I posted pictures of the Cain F Lancero and generally was unhappy with them.  Everything with that cigar just went wrong on me, lost a chunk of pictures I’d taken weren’t as good as I thought they were at first glance and a million other things.  I wasn’t happy with them but I did still post them, Thursday I was speaking to my mother and she said to me “This week’s post wasn’t very good”.  I was surprised to hear she kept an eye on the site but more so that she was echoing my own sentiment.  Later that evening I decided to take some more photos of the Cain F Lancero and here are the results.  I can’t say they’re outstanding but I can say I had more fun doing this batch and thats why I do this.


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  1. matt great job injoy your program keep up the great work buzz

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