Drew Estate Natural


Cigar: Drew Estate Natural
Size: 5×52 Dirt Torpedo
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Website: http://www.drewestate.com/
Twitter: @jonathanDrew1
Purchase: http://bonitasmokeshop.com/

According to Drew Estate’s website the Natural is a combination of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Syria, Turkey, St. James Parrish and other exotic locales.  If you were to look at my site you’d see that there aren’t any cigars that are flavored or have unique aromatics such as this.  The reason for this is that i’m not very fond of them I tend to find the flavor/aromas of these unique cigars to be overwhelming. This cigar isn’t flavored or infused but it’s a mix of non-traditional tobaccos to create it’s unique flavor/aroma. That being said I gave this cigar a shot as it wasn’t something i’d normally pick up so i’d like to thank the folks at StogieBoys.com for sending it my way to try.


Las Vegash TV

I had trouble finding reviews of this smoke, due to the blends being different for each of the sizes I’m not including reviews of this cigar in other sizes.  I’m not sure if Justin is still doing reviews but he’s an alright guy and has a review of this cigar which is what’s important.


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  1. Great photos of a not so great cigar. True, it is not infused But,,, the wrapper has been coated with some kind of nasty(to me) artificial sweetner. I did try to wash some of this crap off with a small success. I truely believe this cigar would be a favorite of mine if the sweetened crap was left off.

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