Squid’s Zippos 2

Today I have more custom lighter artwork done by Tim aka Mr_Squiddy these are some of the custom Zippo’s that he has done.  If you like them make sure to contact him to get yours ordered today!

Email: architeuthis@inbox.com
Phone: 713-208-2678


2 Responses to “Squid’s Zippos 2”

  1. If you use twitter, @43prettyinpink does far better work then Squid.

    • I am on twitter but I’ve yet to personally see any of her work so I can’t comment on the quality etc. I’m not sure squid even still does this as his website and twitter no longer exist. These photos were taken in January when I still had contact with him. If you really felt that way and were willing to back it up then you would’ve left your info I’m going to leave the post up though.

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